Proofreading Services

Vancouver proofreading services

Professional proofreading saves you from publishing or posting embarrassing mistakes, and prevents costly rewrites and reprints. We find and correct common, and sometimes subtle (e.g., from to form), misspellings and typos that detract from the perceived quality and accuracy of your writing.

I have fine-tuned these error detection skills, and know what to look for after the software spell checker has done its best.

My proofreading services add polish to web and print content!

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About proofreading

During the print process, the editor reads a proof sent from the printer to ensure the text is exactly as the submitted in the author final draft. It's a last chance to catch errors that may not have been seen in any prior editing or proofing. For documents that are submitted as a Word document (.doc), PDF (portable document format, common for e-books), or published online, proofreading is a final check for typos, formatting, and other errors.