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Blog writing is a vital marketing tool. A blog provides data for search engines and starts a conversation with customers, prospects, and clients. You need to add blog content to your business website, yet you don't have time!

I write skillful and artfully crafted blog posts that will do the work -- attract your audience and search engines.

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Why you might need a blog-writing service

Most web pages do not change, and there are a finite number of entry points to any website. Since it's not possible to keep adding services and products pages for the sake of ranking on search engines, you  may need to start a blog:

  • Blogging establishes you as an authority on  your service or in your market
  • Good blogs increase confidence in your brand.
  • Google ranks original, well-researched content, so quality counts.
  • A good blog writer will add valuable backlinks to your products and services pages.
  • The blog comments section provides invaluable feedback to your content.
  • Businesses that blog frequently (at least one post per week) are more likely to achieve strong search engine ranking.

How a blog writer facilitates success

Good blogging is interesting to your customers and website visitors. It provides something valuable - information - free of charge. If the writing is done well, it gives your brand an air of authority in the market, makes a visit to your website memorable, and starts a relationship. Even when visitor don't purchase your products or services immediately after reading a blog post, they will be more likely to remember you and to contact you rather than an indifferent competitor.

While this idea of giving to get something seems counter-intuitive, it works in the world of business. Successful people in business, sports, arts, or entertainment understand the value of building brand with content that people want to read, listen to, or engage with.