It is my firm conclusion that the world needs editors-at-large. I believe the quality of print and online content doesn’t have to suffer because it’s so easy to click on those ubiquitous buttons to publish, post, print, share, tweet, and send. I’ll look at language trends as publishing has changed over the past few years,… Continue reading

Who Needs Whom?

This Weekender magazine cover created by the folks at my favourite fake-news site, The Onion.com is a great example of visual irony because it inverts the reader’s normal expectations. What, precisely, is important here? Surely it must be John and Jennifer. But no. In this case (or in every case, depending on your point of view regarding the popular culture),… Continue reading

Possum’s Practical Editing

Small marsupials don’t appear at first glance to have much to do with editing, but there is a connection. Possumness (to coin a noun) suits this category for both personal and metaphorical reasons. The Possum of Eliot’s  Old Possum’s Practical Cats is old, and I too am old — or at least old enough to have encountered most of the language… Continue reading

Editors’ Field Trip

Yesterday I spent six precious weekend hours — sunny Saturday in Vancouver! — participating in a seminar about the mechanics of editing taught by Frances Peck and sponsored by the Editors’ Association of Canada, BC Branch. The lecture was an editorial refresher — reminding participants, almost all experienced editors and writers, to recognize contemporary issues, keep up our stylesheets,… Continue reading